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"The Kids in West End"
Short Stories


-"Festivity" - Moonchild Magazine
-"Sessions" - Five:2:One Magazine 
-"The Kids in West End" - The Offbeat
-"Water Fowl" - Spelk
-"A Fine Time" - (b)OINK
-"Session 1" - Five: 2: One Magazine   
-"Insert Name" - Summerset Review
-"Twilford Baines, Buck Hunter Unbounded" - Route 7 Review   
-"Snow, Lightly Falling" - Squawk Back  
-"The Lumping" - Passages North
-"Big Winner" - Superstition Review
-"The Search for Boyle" - Word Riot
-“Head” – BULL: Men’s Fiction. [print]
-“Engagement” – Newfound Journal.
-“A Four-Letter Word for Exchange” – Pure Coincidence. [print]
-“If the Invisible Man Dies and Nobody Sees it, Does He Really Die?” Redivider. [print]
-“Eyes,” “Neck,” “Mouth” – Toad.
-“Hand” – Blackbird. 
-“The House on Eastern Avenue” – Prime Number.
-“Penis” – elimae.
-“The Hiccup King” – Snake Nation Review. [defunct]
-“Blackout” – Main Street Rag Anthology: Commutability. 
-“Foot” – Waccamaw Journal.
-“Sores” – Puerto del Sol. [print]
-“Happy Turkey Day” – The Long Story. [print]
-“My Dead” – H_NGM_N. 
-“Ha-Ha, Shirt” – Night Train. [defunct]
-“In the Moment” – Cottonwood. [print]
-“Tugboat to Traverse City” – Alaska Quarterly Review. [print]
-“The Odds” – Antietam Review. [defunct]
-“Barney Hester” – Harpur Palate. [print]
-“Dog People” – The Laurel Review.[print]
-“Presents” – The MacGuffin. [print]
-“Poor, Poor Ralph” – LitRag. [defunct]

Book Reviews and Guest Blogpost Articles

-"Get the Most out of That Smile!  Descriptions With Meaning and  Purpose"

 -  Superstition Review

-John Warner’s Tough Day for the Army – Best New Fiction. 

-“The Dirty Truth about Film Adaptation” – Superstition Review.

-Colin Winnette’s Fondly – Lit Pub.

-“Write What You Don’t Know” – Superstition Review.

-“What’s Not to Like?” – Superstition Review.